Club penguin Walkthrough: Missions and Guidelines

Club Penguin is one of the safest games for your kids and is also a large online virtual world owned by Disney. Club penguin is a game that will keep you and your kids busy for hours playing. Club penguin is used mainly by children between the ages of 5 to 15 years old. Club Penguin can be described as a MMORPG (multi player online role playing game), which was launched in 2005 October. This game was programmed by Club Penguin Entertainment and purchased by Disney in 2007. There are various guidelines and specific missions within Club Penguin which if you’re a member of, can provide hours of enjoyable entertainment.

Guidelines to follow

This website has a typical feel and look of penguin cartoons and avatars, which kids customize to make their online personalities. This game also has spawned video games for consoles like Nintendo and paperback books for children to read. However before you start playing, you need to know about the guidelines and gameplay to keep your penguin safe and growing. We have listed some of the mascots within Club Penguin below so you can play some of the missions or just hang out and have a great time.

  • They are Happy77, Screenhog, Rsnail, Billybob and Gizmo. In the game, Billybob has a blog where he writes about upcoming activities with Club Penguin for all the members to read. Gizmo works at organizing and taking care of the parties. Happy 77’s profile is usually used as a model to various other penguins. It is often used as a sample to design an appropriate model for other penguin users.
  • The servers as well as the technical side are taken care by Rsnail. Screenhog works to design and make other penguins. Another popular penguin in the world of this online game is Rockhopper. This penguin is a pirate as well as visits the island one time in every two months. He travels in a ship known as Migrator.
  • While penguins are permitted to board the ship, they can purchase some unique items which includes the diary of Rockhopper’s adventures. Rockhopper is bigger than the other penguins as well as dresses like a pirate. But, unlike other celebrities on Club Penguin, a member can’t purchase Rockhopper’s clothing.

Mission of club penguin game

The club penguin game has various missions to be accomplished. A player has to resolve the mysteries as well as stay connected with his/her friends. You can even download various latest missions along with newsletters.  While playing the game and accomplishing only the missions, a member can earn coins and use it to progress in the game. Players can even play mini games such as dance challenges and snowboarding games which shall take them ahead of the competitors. If for some reason a member has a tough time completing a mission, there are always Club Penguin Walkthrough online to give a step by step guide to complete the missions.

Guidelines for Paid members:

  • The paid membership starts at $7.95 per month. Six months membership is quite less and that is around $39.95 whereas if you go for twelve months membership then it would cost you somewhere around $59.95 USD.
  • Paid membership permits kids to play unlimited games and they can actually play all the games without any extra fees. They get access to the theme parties, new activities, latest games and priority server entrée.
  • A unique thing in this site is the coin for change programs. Players donate some of their coins for charity purposes which goes directly to the real world charitable trusts and causes. This website is accessible in French, Portuguese, German, Spanish and English.

This is a great game for children of all ages and I’m sure your kids will have a great time as well.